This listing is for a lightly used Zenbot 48 x 96 3 axis CNC routerRouter us a Bosch and controls are the Gecho 540 for all the X,Y,Z axis as well as A which is slaved with the XComes with a steel table Bring your trailer or truck and we can help load with a forkliftThanks
Bruno mobilty lift for scooters but can be used for much much more. lifting anything up to 500 lbs.can be mounted in a pick up or back of van or trailer. great for scrapers. ive used them to lift riding mowers to work on blades or belts. NO TEXT text will be ignored


We buy everythingDewalt Milwaukee snapon mac makita rigid Ryobi new used refurbished 1 piece up to tractor trailers.
Snap on KRA-300B1970These are great box that is often referred to as a high security, road box, or military boxas the military bought many of theseThis box has the tambour front door that covers the drawers which prevents the drawers from accidentally coming open during transport. The latch system of many toolboxes even snap on can jump and allow the drawers to come open when transported in a t...